“Stop fearing. Start discovering. It’s time to take action. It’s time to defeat failure. It’s time to understand who you are and what you can be. Let the magic happen!”



Ignite Your Flame endeavours to support every dream you wish for but lack courage to go ahead. We feature success stories of all kinds of ventures and try to motivate others through various kinds of writings.

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“Happiness is having time. The biggest complaint in life is that we don’t have time. That is why we rush day and night, cry on failures, rejoice in success cause we think we have no time. If we are made to believe that we have sufficient time for every dream, every deadline, every opportunity – we would have stayed happy forever.” – Prerna Lahoti

“Be greedy to achieve more for yourself. But first be generous to free your soul from expectations.”Prerna Lahoti

“Just like a caterpillar, you are in that cocoon to transform into a butterfly spreading its wings, ready to fly.”Prerna Lahoti

“Don’t let the fear control you. You have to control it. 
Use it as a weapon, not as a shield. Make it a tool to push you towards the goal. The moment it becomes a brick wall, break it. Live the life you always wanted.” – Prerna Lahoti Continue reading “Quotes”